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Underground Parkade Sweeping and Scrubbing in Calgary

Dependable Maintenance Ltd. offers complete parkade sweeping and maintenance services in Calgary and surrounding areas. In addition to our street sweeping and snow removal services, our professionally trained sweepers excel at cleaning and managing underground parking lots. We’ll ensure that your parking lot stays clean, accident-free and easy to navigate for your clients and customers with our instant or scheduled cleaning facility.

In order to make the pricing system comprehensive and provide optimal service to all our customers, we offer per-stall pricing. This is just another reason why our customers love us.

Our Master Tools for Parkade Sweeping

Tennant S30 sweeper
With II-Speed™ sweeping facility, Tennant S30 sweeper allows the user to expand brush and control vacuum speed to obtain maximum efficiency and to sweep heavy debris.
Tennant T20 scrubber
Tennant T20 scrubbers come with the ability to clean up to 3 times longer than a standard scrubbing device thanks to its ec-H2O™ advanced technology. It’s also equipped with the Pro-Panel technology to make operation easier with the integrated cleaning functionalities and intuitive touchscreen control panel.
Hotsy Mobile Pressure Washer unit
Hotsy hot water pressure unit mounted on the main axle trailer provides efficient power washing. With a large water tank included, it can clean large spaces and parkades without needing frequent refills. Most importantly, the whole setup doesn’t compromise the overall cleaning measures.

On-Site Estimates Provided

We examine your site thoroughly and provide a free and transparent estimate detailing all parkade sweeping needs with no hidden charges and per stall pricing.

Parkade Cleaning with Advanced Hot Water Pressure Washing

Our trained and experienced professionals equipped with the latest hot water pressure washing technology make it possible for us to thoroughly clean the dust, dirt and debris off your parkade as well, all at affordable prices!

Our Equipment:

Elgin® Eagle® F Series high dumps
With these high-end four-wheel mechanical sweeper brooms, we can sweep the dirt and debris off the streets without leaving a trace.
Challenger sweepers
These heavy-duty mechanical sweepers can easily operate on uneven surfaces, airports, and heavy asphalt roads.
Elgin® Broom BadgersTM
Equipped with a double engine, these sweepers are perfect for municipal projects, thanks to their powerful sweeping capacities.

 24/7 Parkade Maintenance

We’ll make sure that your parkade is as good as new and your customers can park their vehicles in a clean environment.

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