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High-quality Pressure Washing and Graffiti Removal in Calgary

Pressure washing is an effective method to eradicate hard-to-clean dirt and stains. Hot water pressure washers increase the water temperature in order to reduce cleansing time, making it a tempting choice when dealing with stubborn stains. Using the right equipment operated by our trained professionals can optimize the cleaning process and bear remarkable results.

Ideally, hot water pressure washing is used to remove adherents like graffiti paints that tend to stick around even after rigorous cleaning. Hot water pressure washers are an integral part of our system here at Dependable Maintenance Ltd. We have a trained workforce and experienced men operating advanced pressure washing units to wash out stubborn dirt, stains, and paints from your walls and floors.

Graffiti Isn’t Good for Your Business

Graffiti is a basic form of vandalism. It might seem a harmless act from a distance but can totally destroy the look of the building and the reputation of the business. Some graffiti can easily offend the general public by conveying obscene or racist dogmas. So It’s vital that you get your walls rid of these graffitis but it’s easier said than done. Graffiti paints are extremely difficult to wash out and take special hot water equipment.

If you’re facing a similar problem, we can be just the solution you were looking for. Dependable Maintenance Ltd. offers graffiti removal by hot water pressure washing in Calgary which in fact is one of the best methods to watch awkward graffiti out of your walls.

Our team is trained to handle rough graffiti cleaning operations and carry the right hot water pressure washing tools to carry on the task successfully in a short span of time.

Places We Clean

These areas are popular targets to get affected by graffitis:

Graffiti can negatively impact a restaurant’s exterior and can adversely affect the business.
A storefront is the face of the store and should be kept neat and clean in all circumstances.
Bridge decks
Bridge decks are also popular targets for graffiti due to the heavy traffic that passes through the bridge every day.
Walls are most commonly affected by weird graffitis and make both public and private walls look unappealing.
Store awnings are often messed up with graffiti, resulting in loss of business.
Roadway and subdivision signage
From residential to commercial, we clean all sorts of subdivisions.
Underground parkade walls

Save your parking lot from losing its reputation due to messed-up graffitis, Call us.

Overhead piping
Let us wash out the overhead piping graffitis using our powerful hot water pressure washing tools.

Goodbye Graffiti!

Say your final bye-bye to those annoying graffitis that ruin the look of your building

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