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Wallet-friendly Dump Truck Services in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

When you require dirt, asphalt or gravel dumping in Calgary, make us your first and last call. A good transport facility and well-managed dump truck services are the keys to efficient construction and excavation. We at Dependable Maintenance Ltd. are committed to playing both roles effectively so that you can put your attention solely to construction.

Our dump truck services can transport construction supplies like dirt, gravel and asphalt throughout Calgary and surrounding areas at pocket-friendly prices. Our dump trucks have a 12-yard capacity, allowing us to transport heavy construction material and speed up the dumping process. These trucks are equipped with open-box hinged beds at their rear, these beds can be lifted from the front to dump the loose material.

Our family-owned business has been helping construction contractors efficiently dumping the waste and transporting the excavated material from one place to another for nearly 50 years, now it’s time for you to give us a try, contact us

Services Our Trucks Offer:

Loam and gravel hauling
We move and dump the loam and gravel to or from your site both quickly and carefully.
Dirt removal
Sit back and let us handle the dirt and debris left after the construction to ensure a spotless site.
Asphalt hauling
Transporting asphalt is a tricky task due to external factors like rain and wind. We’ve got trained staff and equipment to do it well.
Delivery services
Our trucks are also available for the timely and safe delivery of heavy and important material.

Your Go-to Dump Truck Service

 We’ve got the tools and trained professionals to transport and dump loose material with ease.

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