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Snow Removal Services in Calgary

Along with beautiful views and the holiday season, winter in Calgary means slippery and accident-prone parking lots and icy slush in your driveway. Dependable Maintenance Ltd. provides reliable services including snow removal and clearing all year round. When it comes to snow removal and clearing, there's very little we haven't seen. As a snow removal contractor in Calgary with nearly 50 years of experience, we can carry out snow removal on commercial and industrial properties with ease. Along with our experience, we have the equipment and skills to accommodate all kinds of snow removal requests including subdivisions, parking lots and construction sites.


We provide personalized snow removal in Calgary, including, but not limited to:

Snow and ice management
Parking lot plowing and sanding
Walkaway clearing
Sidewalk shovelling
Driveway clearing

Snow Removal for Commercial Properties

Snowfall can only spell trouble for commercial properties of all sizes. A layer of heavy snow outside a retail store prevents people from entering and often causes mishaps. Similarly, an icy parking lot outside a shopping mall is a magnet for disasters. We're the ones you can call in these scenarios. We have the equipment and manpower to quickly clear out the snow and ice on all kinds of commercial properties. Every winter we clear snow from offices, retail stores, shopping malls, boutiques and construction sites.

Snow Removal for Industrial Properties

Our snow removal and ice management services are not limited to commercial properties. We understand the snow removal needs of industrial properties across Calgary. We keep your property safe and snow-free in the winter so that you can go back to your operations. Our team can handle light industrial snow removal. With our round-the-clock emergency services and fast response times, we've become the chosen snow removal contractors in Calgary.

We're fully trained, experienced and certified by the Snow and Ice Management Association. Call us at 403-236-5131 to find out more about our snow removal services in Calgary by talking to one of our experts.

Reliable Snow Removal Service

 We’ve got the necessary tools to remove the snow on commercial properties.

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